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Unorganized Militia of Champaign County

Equipment Vendors (Internet)



Militia & Survival Equipment
In no particular order...
Sac Surplus and Supply
Molon Labe Gear
Major Surplus and Survival Warehouse
Gold Nugget Army Surplus
Good selection of genuine USGI surplus.  Very fast turn-around.  Good quality, even on used items.  My favorite place.
Red Soldier
Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitter
Green Mountain Gear
Federal Army & Navy Surplus, Inc.
Savvy Survivor
Coleman's Military Surplus
GI Joe's Army Surplus (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
GI Jane Military Surplus Store
Emergency Essentials
Stuff-II Genuine Military Surplus
International Military Sales Plus (IMS-PLUS)
Excellent selection of BDU's.  They also have a store front in Illinois.
Brigade Quartermasters
Nice catalog.  I've bought a lot of stuff from them.
World Militaria
Trident Military
Chicago Army Navy Surplus
Perret's Army Surplus
Just down the road from Gold Nugget.  Prices on standard products are somewhat high, and they don't have much in the way of genuine surplus.  Entire store is geared toward the "wannabe."
Blackhawk Tactical Gear
Super Trooper
J&G Sales Ltd.
Camping, Hunting, & Outdoor Equipment