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Unorganized Militia of Champaign County

Other Links

A must read...

Get this book!!!

The Bible.
The Word of God.
Boston's Gun Bible
by Boston T. Party
Boston is awesome.  Go to to see this and other great books by BTP.  Buy them all!!
Unintended Consequences
by John Ross
Accurate Press
ISBN 1-888118-04-0
An absolute "must-read" for any patriot.
Lethal Laws
by Jay Simkin, Aaron Zelman, Alan M. Rice
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc., Publisher
Enemies Foreign and Domestic
Matthew Bracken
Groups Who Don't Like Us
Militia Watchdog (Mark Pitcavage) and
Southern Poverty Law Center
Anti-Defamation League
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Stop the Hate
(P.S. We are not a hate group...)
Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
How to Shoot a Rifle
I'm only aware of a handful of books & guides that teach you how to shoot a rifle:
Art Of The Rifle by Jeff Cooper
Guide to Becoming a Rifleman by "Fred"
Sight Alignment, Trigger Control and the Big Lie by retired M/Sgt Jim Owens
MCRP 3-01A Marine Corps Reference Publication 3-01A: Rifle Marksmanship
U.S. Army FM 23-10, Chapter 3: Marksmanship
The Ultimate Sniper: An Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers by Maj. John Plaster

Surplus Firearms, C&R Firearms, and Cheap Ammo (local too!)
Southern Ohio Gun (SOG) International, Lebanon, OH
AIM Surplus, Middletown, OH
The Ammo Store, Kettering, OH

Firearm Parts, Tools, and Accessories
Ballistol Gun Cleaner
Eezox Gun Cleaning Supplies
How to Use a Shooting Sling
Quality Sling Manufacturers (Ching Sling)
FN/FAL Links
FAL message board
FAL firearms, parts, and accessories
Is IsraelArms closed for business?
Other FAL resources
Ohio Links
Ohio Laws, Rules, and Constitution
Ohio Revised Code
Ohio County Map
Ohio Freedom Alliance
Peoples Rights Organization
Ohioans For Concealed Carry
Buckeye Firearms Association
Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association (ORPA)
Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports
Ohio's Historic West (Includes Champaign County)
Midwest Native Skills Institute
Northeast Ohio Primitive Living and Wilderness Survival School
The Buckeye Institute
Ohio Military Reserve (OHMR)
Ohio Emergency Management Agency
Ohio Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Red Cross (Ohio)
Ohio Community Service Council (OCSC)
Ohio Citizen Corps
Places to Shoot in Ohio
(For a full listing of public and private shooting ranges in the U.S., go to
Charlie Morrison II for Congress!
Ohio Senate
Ohio House of Representatives
Inmate Search
Tactical Defense Institute
Safety First Concealed Carry Course for Ohio CCW
FFL Holders in Ohio (enter zip code or choose "Ohio")
Miami Valley Orienteering Club
Forgotten Ohio   This is a neat page.
Ohio Weather
This is a neat site.  It allows you to view environmental sensor data at many places around Ohio, starting at the county level.
General Information on Unorganized Militias in the U.S.
Some of My Favorite Links
Open Carry Walk in Urbana
Tactical Library   An amazing assortment of PDF files.
Javelin Press   Boston T. Party...
Patriot War College   This is a must read...
John Ross
Fr. Frog (Excellent ballistics info at bottom of page)
Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA)
Total Resistance                       Lot of good info...
Forsaken Roots
Those Shirts
Fort Liberty Very nice and up-to-date
Free State Wyoming
Privacy Alert (Vin Suprynowicz, one of my favorite authors)
Lady Liberty

Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness


Mad Ogre


End Times Report Good survivalist/preparedness site


Fred's M-14 Stocks
Jim Owens
Camp Perry
Civilian Marksmanship Program
Kim du Toit
Jeff Cooper's Commentaries
Paladin Press
Firearms Tactical Institute
User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence   I really like this site
Founding Fathers: The Birth of the U.S.A.
Claire Wolfe
Original Dissent
Minuteman HQ
Tom Gresham's Gun Talk
3rd Continental Congress
U.S. Military Equipment Information
World Net Daily
The Activist Page
The Curmudgeon
Sierra Times (I really like Lewis J. Goldberg's articles)
The Patriotist (Lewis J. Goldberg's site)
Institute on the Constitution
Rabbi Mermelstein
Ranger Digest (Ranger Rick)
Savvy Survivor
Open Secrets
The Price of Liberty
Patriot Broadcasting Network
Original Intent
Shawn's Page
Military Morons
No, it's not what you think; it is pro-military.  There are lots of good pics.
Username: mm
Password: mm
Mike's Domain
Liz Michael     Interesting person...
Rational Review
The Stentorian's Second Amendment Site
KwMap  A keyword map of the Internet