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Unorganized Militia of Champaign County

On-Line Discussion Boards

Here are a couple for Champaign County:


The Other Champaign County


Go Champaign




Here are some militia-related forums. The forums in blue font are the ones I am most active in. I usually go by the handle "Michael," "Molon Labe," or "Ohio Patriot."

Bigger Hammer


Fal Files


SHTF Militia


AR15 Adviser   Handle = Michael


CCW - Ohio  Handle = Michael



Open Carry  Handle = Ohio Patriot (Ohio only)


American Minuteman

Update 28-Jul-08: It looks like this site is gone. :(



Modern Minuteman  Handle = Molon Labe


United Patriots of Ohio


M14/M1A Firing Line


The Combat Triad     An excellent site.


Free State Wyoming Forum


Zion's Camp (Mormon/LDS Patriots)


Assault Web


All About Guns




The Firing Line


Nation of Riflemen


The High Road


Warrior Talk






Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA)


Glock Talk






A Well Regulated Militia


Self Defense Forums


Sniper Country


Gun Talk


Service Rifles




Tactical Forums


Survival Forum


1911 Forum






The Guns Network


Frugal Squirrel


The Maine Patriot Board


Geeks with Guns


The Claire Files


Liberty Post


Free Republic


Sniper's Hide


Sniper's Paradise


Weapons Board


Canadian Gun Nutz


The Straight Dope

(Not firearms oriented, but a good board none-the-less.)