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Unorganized Militia of Champaign County

Other Local Militias

My favorite flag

General Information on Unorganized Militias in Ohio
Ohio Constitutional Militia
Ohio Law Relating to the Militia
Old News Article on Ohio Unorganized Militias

Ohio Militia Pages
Unorganized Militia of Champaign County
Northwest Ohio Defense Force
Ashtabula County Militia
Great guys.
Note that this is a forum. You have to register to gain access.
Constitutional Militia of Clark County
Constitutional Militia of Highland County
Ohio Militia
Central Ohio Unorganized Militia
Another great bunch of guys.
Preble County Unorganized Militia
75th Ohio Militia Rgt
Ohio Defense Force (ODF)
ODF is a "homeland defense" group, and has been recruiting across the state since late 2001.  Good guys.
I don't know much about these guys.
Nice web page.  Emailed them on a couple occasions.  Appear to take their training very seriously...
(Update: It appears the website is no longer available.  What happened?)
I've also emailed these folks.
Citizen Soldier
I'm not sure what happened to these guys...
Militia-Friendly Groups in Ohio
This is a really good site maintained by a gentleman in SW Ohio.  Great info & links on ham radio, codes, survivalism, military, etc.
Indiana Militia Groups
Indiana Sedentary Militia (Indiana)
The gentleman who runs this group was once an instructor in our group. He is very skilled in many areas, and I can vouch for his integrity. If you live in Indiana I highly recommend checking out his group.
Southern Indiana Defense Force
This group is located in SW Indiana near the river. Like the group above, I know first-hand that a person of integrity runs this group. But I'm not sure why the link does not work anymore. If you would like to contact this group, let me know and I'll send an email to the group's coordinator.