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Unorganized Militia of Champaign County

Equipment List


The following is an attempt to create an unabridged list of equipment to be carried on-person during militia outings.  Many items are mission-dependent, and some may be considered non-essential.  As an example of the former, a sleeping bag is (obviously) not required if you're not planning an overnight stay.
Contributors: Rex B., Curt R., Brian R., Paul L., Michael C.
Color code:
OD = olive drab
WC = woodland camouflage
Clothing & Wearable Accessories
   - Brown short-sleeved shirt
   - WC pants ("regular" for cold weather, "ripstop" for warm
   - 1" WC or OD belt
   - Field jacket ("regular" for cold weather, "ripstop" for warm
   - Boots (insulated boots for cold weather, leather combat boots for warm weather)
   - OD wool-blend socks
Load-bearing equipment belt (a.k.a. pistol belt)
H or Y Suspenders (attaches to load-bearing equipment belt)
WC or OD boonie hat
Medium A.L.I.C.E. pack w/ frame
Underclothes (thermals if coldweather)
WC bandana (optional)
Gloves (pilot gloves, batting gloves for shooting, or leather w/ liners)
Watch or pocket watch

Pouches and Holders on Equipment Belt
2 to 4 rifle magazine pouches
Combat knife sheath
Butt pack (attaches to equipment belt and suspenders)
Canteen pouch
Field dressing pouches

Minimum Equipment List
The following are carried in one of the following:

a) Hand or shoulder (e.g. rifle)
b) In pouches or holder on Equipment Belt (e.g. pistol)
c) In Alice Pack (e.g. medical kit)
d) Attached externally to Alice pack or butt pack (e.g. sleeping bag)
e) Pocket (e.g. wallet)
Military mess kit (pan w/ folding handle) Large poncho

Everything should be sealed in Zip-Loc bags or water-tight containers.

Water filter and/or iodine tablets
One-man Bivi shelter
Magnesium fire starter w/ flint strip (use back of knife to strike)
35 mm case with petroleum jelly & cotton balls (for starting fires)
35 mm case for waterproof matches
Canteen, military issue w/ stove & cup
Compass w/ cord
Rifle ammo
Rifle magazines
Rifle + sling
Small towel (for cleaning external surfaces of rifle)
Gun cleaning kit
Scope cover
Combat knife
Meals Refusing to Exit (MREs)
Eating utensils
Field dressing
Medical kit
Knife sharpening kit
Rope and/or paracord
Small flashlight (e.g. AA Mini-Mag)
Extra flashlight batteries
2-meter transceiver
Extra transceiver batteries
Woodland Camo or OD wallet
Sleeping bag
Small pad of waterproof paper
Extra underclothes
Extra BDU pants
Extra BDU shirt
Extra socks
Toilet Paper in zip lock bag
Extra zip-lock bags
Leatherman and/or Swiss Army Knife
Pace Beads
Camo face paint
Hand & face soap
Toothbrush, paste, dental floss
Foot powder
Trioxane bars
Sun screen
Sewing kit
Nail clippers
Nail file
Razor w/ blade
Styptic pencil
Combat shovel
Glass cleaner (for glasses)
Extra pair of glasses / contacts
Portable saw / hatchet